Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DMN Shines Light on Insurance Companies

The Dallas Morning News has a good investigative piece on Loya Insurance and Old American County Mutual. DMN took a look at the Texas Department of Insurance complaint lists, where many legitimate claims are often ignored. Here's a glimpse at what they found:
"An analysis of the Insurance Department figures by The Dallas Morning News showed that 10 of the 25 largest auto insurers in the state — those with more than 100,000 policies — had worse-than-average customer service records."

For the complete article, click here.

Sad but true, the complaints of the individuals mentioned in the article are all too familiar for many Texans.

As you enter the summer vacation season, protect your own interests by reviewing your own insurance policy for changes and to ensure adequate coverage, make sure you've made any necessary adjustments before you hit the road. Also, keep a camera in your car (unless you carry a camera phone) so that you can take your own photos if you happen to end up in a fender bender. For more tips on safe travel, visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Association website.